Project 6: Gift Wrap





  • Chalk paint marker of your choice

  • Kraft Paper roll (black) + white paper roll (*Kraft paper rolls can be found at walmart, local craft store or online!)

  • Pencil

  • Ruler

Step 1: Pick you’re favorite Christmas saying or message/quote. 

Step 2: With you’re pencil and ruler, create lines that start diagonally from the top left of your wrapping paper all the way accross to the size you need

Step 3: With a pencil go ahead and start handwriting your message. If you feel confident, go ahead and use your paint marker right off the bat, following the guides you created.

Step 4: Let the marker dry before rubbing your hands on the paper (avoids smudging!)

Step 5: After it dries, wrap up your gift, add some pretty twine and voila!