An A-Z course on how to turn your art or product into a thriving business with God.

Are you a creative, artist, designer, or maker and want to start making income from your creative passion?


Do you have a product that you want to start selling but not know where to start?


Do you own a business but sales are inconsistent and you feel stuck and not able to grow?

This course is for you!



In this course I share everything I have learned turning my passion for handlettering into a 7 figure business part time!

Yes you heard that right, a simple brush pen and paper now produces over $1 million in sales a year and I only work part time.

  • You will learn how to get started (the right way)
  • How to create a winning product
  • How to partner with God in your business
  • The quickest path to get to $2k+/month in sales
  • The steps needed to scale to 6 figures and beyond
  • And so much more…

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Believe it or not I was afraid of the word “business” growing up and I thought I was terrible with money. There was a running joke in the family that I would be the last person to ever start a business, but God had different plans!

My business really started with a tug on my heart from the Lord to step out of my comfort zone and into a journey that required full faith and trust in Him (and some new mindsets).

Now here I am years later running a successful business and I am so glad that I said yes to the journey. What God did for me, He can do for you also!


Having a creative business has given me the freedom to be able to spend my time on the passions and dreams that God has put on my heart.

There is so much benefit from having a business, not only do I get to do what I’m passionate about, but I get to partner with God in the creativity that He has given and to make income and bless people at the same time.

In this course I provide all the tools needed to start, grow and scale a kingdom minded business with God.

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Topics Include


Module 01 |Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the course

Module 02 | Beliefs and Mindsets

  • The best business partner you could ever have
  • Mindset of an entrepreneur

Module 03 | The Fundamentals

  • Naming your business 
  • Structuring your business  
  • Setting up your shop
  • Website and copy
  • Customer service and store policies 
  • Products, sourcing, and shipping

Module 04 | Marketing

  • Social media 
  • Email and SMS
  • Paid marketing 

Module 05 | Wholesale

  • Wholesale and B2B 

Module 06 | Resources

  • Quickstart Guide 
  • List of softwares and platforms that we use 

Module 07 |Course Wrap Up 

  • Outro

Bonus material included! 


A Quickstart Guide showing you the exact steps to take to get your business up and running and producing $2k+/month in sales in as little as 3 months!

A complete list of every software, resources we have that have that have helped our business grow and thrive along with over $400 in subscription discounts included! 

Meet your instructors

Jenessa Wait is a wife, mom and professional hand-lettering artist who believes that encouragement and truth have the power to change the way we live. 

She started her hand-lettering journey in 2015 as a hobby and it quickly turned into a thriving 7 figure business. Jenessa reaches millions through her online platforms and is also a speaker and author of 2 books. When sheʼs not creating, she and her husband serve as young adult pastors at a local church in Austin, TX where they reside.


Ben Wait is a real estate developer, pastor and kingdom entrepreneur.

Ben currently manages 6+ million in development projects and is also the co-founder of Jenessa Wait co a 7 figure e-commerce business. When not building business Ben serves as the young adults pastor at his local church.

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