Handlettering 101
and Digitizing your work.


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Ready to learn a new 
creative passion?


Have you always wanted to learn handlettering but don’t know where to start?


Are you wanting to turn your art into prints but need help editing and digitizing your work?

In this course I share my ENTIRE process, all the things that I do from materials I use to the way I developed my technique and style. I then go into showing you my exact process for turning my physical artwork into digital files that you can use to create prints and even to start a business.


Taking this course didn’t just teach me how to hand-letter, but unlocked my creativity as I stepped into the freedom and joy of creating!


The Handlettering Lab
is made up of 2 mini courses.


Handlettering 101
A beginners guide to hand lettering and getting started


Digitizing Your Work:
Turning your artwork into a digital product

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  • What Materials and Supplies you will need

  • Positioning and brush technique

  • Brush strokes

  • Lettering and Writing styles

  • How to structuring your words

  • Things to try

  • What you will need digitize your work

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Scanning your designs

  • Cleaning up your design

  • Resizing your design 

  • Printing your artwork

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  • Downloadable Practice Sheet 
  • Resources and materials list 
  • 3 Downloadable Prints



About The Instructor

Jenessa Wait is a wife, mom and professional hand-lettering artist who believes that encouragement and truth have the power to change the way we live.

She started her hand-lettering journey in 2015 as a hobby and it quickly turned into a thriving 7 figure business. Jenessa reaches millions through her online platforms and is also a speaker and author of 2 books. When sheʼs not creating, she and her husband serve as young adult pastors at a local church in Austin, TX where they reside.


Join me Inside

The material recommendations are so helpful, and Jenessa shows you how to use everything so you can make a good choice about what you want to buy based on your personal preferences.

After watching the first video, I felt so encouraged. Jenessa makes hand lettering so accessible for everyone and she is just so encouraging that you just feel like you can accomplish anything! I highly recommend this as a great starting point if you are looking to learn how to handletter on paper.



Are you ready to start a new creative passion?




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  • Lifetime access to all course modules
  • Handlettering 101 Course
  • Digitizing Your Work Course
  • 3 free downloadable prints


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